Wicker Patio Furniture – Make Your Patio Come Alive

Wicker Decor

Wicker has long been known for its elegance and style. Natural wicker is, in fact, one of the most preferred and strongest types of furniture that you can use outdoors. The catch, however, is that natural wicker can only hold an adult who weighs less than 200 pounds. Other than this single restriction, natural wicker is a relatively sturdy material if taken care of properly. There are some who insist on their preference for natural wicker, while others maintain that resin wicker materials are superior.

Whichever you decide to use in your own home, for as long as you want to achieve beauty and timeless sophistication, wicker is the way to go. And for that special place in your home where you could relax and be together with your family, your patio has to have the perfect set of furniture. Perfection in this area can only mean one thing-wicker patio furniture.

Most hotels, spas and interior decorators prefer to use wicker. They go all out in using the newer lines of wicker furniture which integrate eco-friendly recycled fibers that resemble woven wicker. These new batches of wicker material can be perfectly used for pool sides and any outdoor living spots. For your patio, there are also new designs of wicker furniture which come with lightweight aluminum frames while making use of traditional techniques of weaving. Pieces such as these are mass-produced so you can easily afford wicker patio furniture for your own home.

You need to shop like a pro if you choose to put wicker furniture on your patio. First, know the specific area where you would place the furniture. Wicker can be damaged due to constant exposure to sunlight or moisture. Therefore, try to choose a more shady area. How much available space do you have? Avoid congestion by carefully planning where to position your patio furniture.

Wicker patio furniture can easily blend with any themes that you desire to adorn your home. Just throw in some cushions or patio umbrellas and the result is artistic furniture that you could be proud off. And since most wicker furniture pieces are colored light brown or khaki, they can give emphasis or impact to an otherwise dull or lifeless patio.

As much as you can, choose factory-assembled wicker furniture because these have passed quality tests. You should have expert hands if you want to assemble your own wicker furniture. Wicker patio furniture would require very little maintenance. Monthly, you should vacuum the wicker as well as the cushions that come with them.

Gently wipe the wicker with a damp cloth to clean away any dust or mildew that has settled. Once a year, you can wash your cushions, frames, and wicker with a very mild detergent and lukewarm water. Use a sponge, not a brush, to wash the furniture. Just do all this religiously and you should have longer-lasting wicker patio furniture.

Wicker patio furniture is a great addition to any porch or patio. With just a little tender loving care, you will be able to enjoy these pieces of furniture for years to come. With this durablity comes a sense of style and flair that will impress all your friends.

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