Wicker Mirrors – Preserving the Beauty

Wicker Decor

Beautiful wicker mirrors reflect the beautiful person staring at it. They are very good pieces of furniture that can be used as accents. The wicker weaving on the frame of the mirror is handcrafted. That is the beauty of wicker mirrors. Wicker is made from rattan vine, reed or bamboo. The fiber is woven through a frame which can be rattan or aluminum. This can come in its natural honey color or finished in different colors.

Wicker also comes in synthetic fiber. These are for outdoor use. Natural wicker cannot stand against the harsh environment. For that reason, synthetic wicker was produced. Synthetic wicker looks almost the same as natural wicker except for the fact that the materials used are not as light as natural fiber.

Even if natural wicker cannot stand the elements of the outdoors, you can still use them in a well-covered porch or patio. If a heavy rain should fall, you can protect your furniture with covers. Wicker has been widely used in making living and dining room sets as well as other home embellishments such as baskets, vases and mirrors.

If you want your bathroom to have a stylish look but don’t want to risk buying expensive accessories, then wicker mirrors are the answer. They are eye-catching and generally less costly. Remember that your bathroom is full of moisture so you have to devote extra efforts on maintaining your wicker mirrors.


  1. Too much moisture will destroy your wicker mirror. Likewise, being too dry will also cause the wicker to crack. For mirrors you have placed on sunny locations, use a damp cloth to wipe the wicker frame.
  2. Brush the wicker frame or use a vacuum with a brush attachment. Brush along the weave not against it. If your bathroom mirrors have become too damp, drain them by letting them out in the sun. You can also use a fan or hair dryer.
  3. Clean the mirror always. Don’t let moisture to dry on the surface.
  4. Keep natural wicker away from heat, fire and radiators. They are highly flammable.

To make your wicker furniture and mirrors last longer, maintain them always. They have a double purpose in your home: as a mirror where you can look at yourself and as a home d├ęcor that your visitors will admire. Make the beauty and classic elegance of wicker mirrors and other wicker furniture last by considering these reminders.

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