Decorative Choices & Styles of Wicker Lamps

Wicker Decor

You can add the beauty of wicker lamps to a variety of room designs. Many people associate wicker with Oriental room decor or cottage style design. These lamps are certainly ideal for those room decorating styles, but the wide selection of lamp styles available allows you to attractively incorporate wicker lighting in a contemporary, eclectic, or modern style room.

Wicker table lamps are a beneficial addition to any room. They allow you to create small cozy spaces in a large room. In a living area, you might want to add several table lamps that have a wood, metal, or wrought iron base and a wicker shade. Depending on the room design you hope to achieve, you might prefer a lamp that has both a wicker base and a wicker shade. One other option is to place a few wicker lamps around the room that have a wicker base and shade that are made of paper or fabric.

Sometimes, there will be a dark, often unnoticed corner of a room. With the addition of a wall sconce, you can transform that space into a softly lit area that will add beauty to the room. There are various styles of wicker wall sconces to select from. There is a style of sconce that provides subtle illumination behind a curved dark wicker shade. This light would enhance the beauty of a bedroom or family room. A wrought iron sconce with a wicker shade could be added to an entryway, living area, or dining room. If you need to light up a small area that has no electrical outlet nearby, a battery operated wicker wall sconce could be perfect accessory for that space.

Wicker swag lamps allow you to place the light directly over a specific space. This type of lighting is an excellent choice for a dining room. If you have an area in the kitchen to eat or a breakfast nook, this would also be an ideal place to use swag lighting. Swags are also a good choice of lighting for a family room. A swag lamp with a scalloped wicker shade is a frequent choice for home decorators. You can select from shades that have a honey colored natural appearance, dark stained wicker, white shades or you can paint the shade in a color that enhances your decor.

Floor lamps add a decorative touch to any room. There are styles of wicker floor lamps that have a tower style base made of iron with a wicker shade on top. If you would like something a little different, a floor lamp with three lights covered with intricate wicker shades would be a good choice. A modern designed room typically has sleek, sophisticated furnishings. A stunning addition to a modern style living room, dining room, or bedroom would be one or more floor lamps constructed with a combination of sea grass and wicker. The unique styling of a wrought iron floor lamp wrapped with wicker would also be an excellent addition to a modern style room.

Asian style wicker lamps frequently have an urn style base and a bell shaped wicker shade. Sometimes there is scroll type detailing that adds elegance to the lamp design. You can also easily find Oriental lantern style table lamps made of wicker.

Hand woven PVC wicker lamps are designed for outdoor use. These lamps make an attractive addition to an exterior living space. You can find wicker floor lamps, table lamps, or wicker pendant lights that are suitable for outdoor use.

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